History of NNMTA

NNMTA was created in 1973 by music educators in the area who saw a great need for developing educational and performance opportunities for not only students of private teachers, but also for the teachers themselves. NNMTA is affiliated with the state organization, Nevada Music Teachers Association and with the Music Teachers National Association (est. 1876). MTNA, whose headquarters lie in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the oldest professional organization in the U.S. that was set up by, and remains specifically for, music teachers. By sharing professional standards and ethics, members of NNMTA are thus able to offer a high quality of music education.

In June of 1966, a group of people having the common interest of music met together for the purpose of forming the Nevada Music Teachers Association. Those present were: Pr. Howard Chase, Mary Kay Chase, Roger Bushell, Alameda Deen, Marjorie Dickenson, Nina Newell, Gladys Pettid, Louis Pressman. Muriel Shaeffer, and Lora Westbury. The Constitution and By-Laws were prepared, approved, and voted on the December of that year, making Nevada the 48th state chapter of the Music Teachers National Association. Conventions were held from 1967 to 1972 in Las Vegas. The first Baldwin junior piano representative was Lana Smith, a student of Silvia Roetter. Joanne Gaizutis, a student of Ely Haimowitz, was the high school winner.

In April of 1973, the first organization meeting of the Northern Nevada Music Teachers Association was held at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Reno. The purpose was to encourage teachers in Reno and surrounding areas to meet monthly and improve standards of teaching and performance. Under the direction of Dr. Ronald Williams, the charter members were: Nancy Taylor (President), Cheryl Toti, Joyce Williams, Margaret Sampson, Kellene Gallagher, Gay Goeslind, Florence Billinghurst, Louis Ronchetti, Kym Wynant, and Kathleen Legere. The first joint state convention with the Las Vegas Association was held in 1975. In 1978, the decision was made to affiliate with the Music Teachers National Association and the local Reno branch became the Silver Circle Chapter.

Board Member List