Festival Information for Non-member Teachers

The NNMTA Steinway Youth Piano Festival is an adjudicated festival designed for three purposes:

  1. To promote and foster interest and participation by students of all ages from elementary through high school, on all levels of achievement.
  2. To inspire teachers toward higher standards through observation and application in preparing their students for the annual festival.
  3. To provide well-qualified and impartial judges to adjudicate the performers and provide constructive and encouraging appraisal of the student’s work.  It is the hope of the Festival committee that the Festival will inspire students and teachers alike to continue their musical studies and strive to attain the highest level of musical growth.

Teachers who are members of the Northern Nevada Music Teachers Association participate without charge. Non-member teachers are invited to participate in Festival for a $75 fee for each Festival (Upper Level in March and Lower Level in May).  Non-members who wish to participate should do the following:

  1. Carefully read the rules and regulations here and the ratings criteria here.
  2. Check the calendar for the Festival dates.
  3. Register and pay the $75 fee here.  Or join our organization here and participate for free!
  4. Once you register, you will receive an email from NNMTA with a password and instructions for accessing the complete Festival Syllabus and the required Festival theory tests.
  5. When the student registration period opens, instruct the parents to complete the online student registration form and pay the registration fee ($25 – $60 depending on the level the student is entering).
  6. As a teacher, you will then complete the student registrations by providing information about the pieces the students will be playing.

The following resources will be helpful in preparing your students for the Festival theory test:

Festival Theory Test Study Guides

Festival Theory Test Vocabulary List

If you have any questions about the Festival, please contact us here.