Young Artist Medal

piano medalThe Young Artist Medal, originally conceived as the most advanced Medalist level of the Reno Youth Festival, is now held as a separate event, usually in April of each year. It was separated from the Reno Youth Festival in 2012 when the Festival format was changed. Students at this level play 3 or 4 contrasting pieces and may include a concerto movement in their program. All school-age students playing advanced repertoire at a high level of technical proficiency and musical ability are eligible to participate; however, repertoire must be approved in advance. The Young Artist Medal is held in a masterclass format and offers the student both written and oral feedback from a highly qualified adjudicator.

1. Three pieces $100.00 (Performance time limit: 15 minutes)
2. Four pieces $110.00 (Performance time limit: 20 minutes)
3. Concerto movement plus (two or) three pieces: $125.00 (Performance time limit: 30 minutes)

Level of difficulty should be the equivalent of Festival Levels 9 or 10 or higher. However, some Level 8 festival repertoire may be appropriate. The repertoire for this event should be entered online by the November deadline for the approval process.

Participants are expected to be performing at a high level, both musically and technically. They will perform their entire program for an audience and the adjudicator who will write comments while listening to the performance. The adjudicator will then give immediate feedback to the student. This may take the form of a masterclass on one or more of the performed pieces, or the feedback may take the form of working on a particular technical or musical issue which would be most helpful in improving the student’s playing.


Registration and fee payment must be completed online prior to the published deadline. A password is required and may be obtained from the Young Artist coordinator. If you have questions, please contact us here.