Continuing Education

NNMTA is committed to providing its members opportunities for professional growth.  To this end, NNMTA offers a series of monthly continuing education classes for its members.  Recent classes have addressed topics as diverse as:

  • Formulating a philosophy of teaching
  • Teaching technique at the intermediate level
  • Preparing students for the Reno Youth Music Festival
  • Tax law for the independent music teacher
  • Pacing and sequencing for beginners

See the calendar for the currently scheduled continuing education classes.

Our most recent video-recorded session can be found at the following link:

Piano Techniques and Effects-An Historical Approach to Pedaling

Hand Conditions Affecting Musicians.  A lecture by Dr. Thomas Christensen of the Reno Orthopedic Clinic.



Click on links below to view.

Part 1 (Entering students)

Part 2 (Choosing repertoire)

Part 3 (Preparing repertoire)

Part 4 (Preparing theory)

Part 5 (Judging sheets and final thoughts)


Videos from September 2014 session

Part 1:  Who am I?

Part 2:  What do I teach?

Part 3: How Do I Teach?

Part 4:  Who Do I Teach?

Part 5:  Staying Effective

Videos from October 2014 session

Taxes 1

Taxes 2

Federal Trade Commission and MTA Code of Ethics

Federal Trade Commission and MTA Code of Ethics

Videos in HD from March:  Denise Alvarez Teaching Seminar





Dr. Richard Ciono Workshop: Steps to Learning